02 March 2012

Cream eye shadow dah nak habis, kat mana boleh beli eh?
Sebab aku dok perhati susah jugak nak jumpa kedai yang jual (or aku yang rabun?)
Dulu aku beli kat mana entah, dah lupa daaaaaa....

Kat bawah ni aku ada copy cara yg betul untuk apply eye shadow...
maaf le, mampu copy & paste je sebab tahap malas nak translate berada pada petala ke-8..hehe...nak tahu lagi banyak info, lawat kat sini

  • Apply an eye shadow primer to your eyes before you apply your cream eye shadow. Wearing primer helps the cream shadow to go on easy and stay in place, prevent creasing in the folds of the eye and will keep your look lasting longer.

  • Use stick cream shadows for your base colors and then apply darker colors to create depth to the crease of your eye using an applicator brush, which will help to control placement of the color and blending.

  • Dot shadow sparingly to your eyelid and then spread and blend with an applicator brush if you want to use stick shadow for depth or as highlighting colors. Always start with a small amount, adding more as necessary.

  • Wear your cream eye shadow for longer by finishing your eyes with a light dusting of translucent powder. The powder will help to seal the cream shadow, prevent colors from blending during the day and ensure that your makeup requires no touch-ups.

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